Living Your Wellness

 Client Love

“Susan’s generosity, skill, and care are phenomenal. I am grateful for her assistance, and powers of attention to health coaching and energy healing. Her ability to tap in and offer clearing is viscerally evident, as is her commitment to assisting others in authentic search for health, happiness and harmony. She has helped my entire family including an infant, toddler and three pets. She has positively changed my outlook on healing all together.”

- CHRISTINE, Wisconsin

“I have been working with Susan for a couple of months now. She is a passionate advocate and is adamant in helping others. Her expertise and knowledge have been an advantage to me. She is also kind and compassionate with a firm belief in her mission to help others. Susan will stand behind you and fill everything that is missing in your typical doctor’s appointment. Mostly… she will teach you to nourish your soul.”

- CAROL, New Jersey

“For the short time I have been working with Susan, I am amazed!! My devastating breast cancer diagnosis really had me disappointed with the total care I was receiving from conventional medicine. Susan goes much deeper into the emotional well-being and dietary support. Taking care of the whole person not just the disease. As we know with a cancer diagnosis this is very important. Not to mention my Fibromyalgia has subsided!! I have been struggling with that for years with no relief from the many doctors I have seen. Susan’s methods are so relaxing. No waiting for long appointments and feeling as though you’re being rushed. My son also struggles with adult ADD and several food allergies. You can imagine what that’s like. A short time with Susan and he is like a different person. So much happier. I can’t say enough good things about this lovely, very caring woman.
Thank you Susan!!!!!”

- KATHY, New Jersey

“Susan has changed my life. She is an amazing health coach and healer. I feel freer and lighter on the path to innate wellness. Susan continues to assist me using all the wellness tools at her disposal including the magic of energy medicine. I couldn’t be more grateful.”

- PAULA, West Virginia